My mum insisted on us waking up early to catch the sunrise on the East Sea. It was stunning.

Korea was on the itinerary of my exit trip back in 2016. My two-year stint in London was over and in April 2016 I travelled with my mum to Turkey, Austria and Korea (belated photos I plan to upload on this blog). My younger brother joined us on the Korea leg of the trip where we reunited with our grandma and my mum's side of the family in Kangneung and then stayed in Seoul for a few days before heading back to Sydney.
Entering a legit Korean restaurant like this one - tables where you cross your legs to sit down, 
self-service water and cutlery and a place where you better know your order as soon as you sit yourself down to avoid the wrath of the impatient, or efficient (depending on how you see it), 
Korean ajumma boss lady.

"Hanna ya, come take a photo of me among the flowers" - at a nearby flower show (I forgot the name of it) on a day trip with my grandma, uncle and brother. 

 Our aim for this trip to Korea was to meet our grandma during the cherry blossom season in Gyeongpo Lake. Success! We were also lucky with the beautiful Spring weather.

We went to Seoul for a few days. Below are some photos around Bukchon Hanok Village, one of my favourite places in Seoul.

My favourite Korean dessert, hodduk.

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