It is finally the last month of winter. 
As much as I wanted to hibernate all weekend, we braved the cold with copious layers and went for a stroll through Fort Greene Park and Clinton Hill.

I took my Ricoh out for a walk on this Saturday afternoon, 
simultaneously strategising the prevention of my fingers from freezing and 
co-ordinating the optimal placement of my camera strap for easy access. 
Tough stuff.

Prior to writing this post, I was contemplating on whether I should start, or continue,
I should say, the 'Weekend Stories' series I had on my previous "twenties" blog
As you can see from the post title, I decided not make a statement and not follow through.
Though the notion of keeping a weekly photo journal has its benefits in two ways - 
i.e., capture the unseen details we often miss in our repetitive settings, 
consistently and frequently post on this blog and practise using Lightroom and Photoshop.

The above photos are an accurate depiction of my weekend setup and view. I confess I did not leave the house all of today, which is Sunday.
These past few weeks I have been anti-social (tell me something new, right?) because all I really wanted to do is go back home on my MacBook Pro and start tinkering around with Photoshop and Lightroom. 
The latter I've used for the past few years, albeit with rudimentary knowledge of its capabilities. 
Cue and Youtube videos. I did some studying and it's so much fun!
As I mentioned in my first post, I want to experiment more and find my own unique style in terms of writing and photography, using Lightroom as an additional tool to post-process and Photoshop to experiment and have fun with layouts on this blog.

One would argue learning SQL and Access in my free time would have a greater advantage in a career opportunity-cost analysis, however, there is a limit to the drudgery the spirit and mind can take in an office cubicle 45 hours per week.
Now with that aside, spending my free time learning what I want, discovering and learning is so much fun. I wish I could this all day.
I wish I could take photos all day, edit them, plan blog posts and write every day.
Oh, and read.

I almost forgot to mention, if you scroll back up to the previous photo, that red book you see on the coffee table next to the coffee cup, it's called "The Sympathizer" by Viet Thanh Nguyen. 
It's refreshing to read about the Vietnam War and the refugees' experience in the United States from the point-of-view of a Vietnamese and the community. I'm only a quarter into the book but so far I am enamored with the author's writing style, laughing at witty commentary on Americans and learning about the different perspectives on the Vietnam War (although I do keep in mind that it's a  fiction novel). 

So that was my weekend. Embodiment of a homebody hermit. 

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