Coffee with a raisin English muffin is what you have when you are lazy and also don't have any avocados in the fridge. Easy and delicious.

My usual spot - where you will see me being a hermit on the weekends.
I use the excuse that it's too cold but it's all I want to truly do on the weekends these days.
I do make a conscious effort to head out and get some fresh air.
Last weekend I stayed home all day (again) on the Saturday.
So on Sunday I went out to the city for a walk in the pouring rain and instantly regretted it.
Since I had a yoga class at 5pm, I sought refuge at a coffee shop in DUMBO for a few hours, basically doing what I would've done in my living room but in a different setting.
Yoga on a Sunday evening is a really nice way to workout, stretch then wind down for the week ahead.

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