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I moved to a new city, entered my thirties and ushered in the new year. What does one do? Open a new blog of course. A fresh new chapter!

I have moved from (a.k.a My Twenties Blog) where I blogged from 2008 to 2016 for almost ten years! There you will see the musings and milestones of my twenties curated in the form of an attempted photo journal. Discovering photography as a hobby with my 21st birthday gift from my mum, a Nikon D40, was the real catalyst for starting a blog. It inadvertently served as a therapy of some sort where I'd pick a destination and go on a loner walk with my camera in tow to deter my mind, for at least a bit, from the twists and turns of "adulting". I suppose the deceptive freedom of university life, the first love heartbreaks with Adele songs on repeat, post-graduation-hire-me-please-I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life desperation is all part of the starter pack of this whole adulthood deal. 

It wasn't all emo songs and first-world problems.
In fact, for the most part, it was amazing. 
I lived in three countries (Japan, the UK and currently the U.S.), 
travelled to 44 cities around the world and moved to New York City soon after I turned 29! 
If anything, I came out of it knowing to trust my gut instincts, 
to never be afraid in trying new things 
and to take calculated risks of the path less taken. 

So in 2016, I moved back to Sydney after my London stint, only to repack my bags four months later to move to New York City. The opportunity presented itself unexpectedly and, as they say, I grabbed it by the balls. Well, admittedly, I was on the fence about it initially when my dear friend, C, verbally slapped me by saying "Why the f*ck would you not go when they're paying you to move? There are people dying to move there but can't! Plus if it's shit, you can alway come back. Sydney is always here. At least give it a try". Thanks, C :) I might write a separate post on the NYC move, but to keep things short, here I am 15 months in - in this gritty, hectic, melting pot of a city.

I didn't blog throughout all of these new changes nor 2017 in its entirety. 
I do have to say, the first few months here in New York had its tough, TOUGH patches, so much so I was even thinking of moving back after three months. Good thing I didn't! 
In any event, it's a shame I didn't record any of it. I travelled a fair amount as well so, as you can imagine, it was a jam-packed year. Perhaps I'll save this for another post or series called "A Recap of 2017". 

To conclude the first post of this new blog, I want to quickly list down why I have this blog:

1) Continuously and consistently take photos to get better, experiment, be more creative, learn and find my own unique style. Here I can avoid the trap of the 'likes' count or being self-conscious on what and how much I write which leads to my following point...

2) Write more. My previous blog focused more on photography but this time round I'd like to focus on both. Plus, who doesn't want to be a better writer? Practice makes perfect;

3) Archive anything and everything that I find inspiring or interesting. Whether it be a book, quote, film, painting, a website or person, I shall file it in here;

4) To appreciate the minute moments. Capture the ordinary to view it in a different perspective, record memories of where I went and what I ate on an ordinary weekend in New York, or just jot down whatever random thought I have in my mind. 
Maybe when I turn 40, I'll be scrolling through this blog and smiling, as I do when I look back on my twenties blog at now the age of 30.

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